Saturday 24 July 2021

Dance with me daily

AJ took tap dance this past year at a local studio. I was very excited to find it as it was about 10 minutes from our house and 5 minutes from AJ’s school. This meant minimal commuting: we would just pop in after school on Friday. I looked forward to this studio being part of our lives for many years.

Unfortunately it was not to be. The owner decided to close shop after this year. It was not directly Covid related as far as I can tell, though it was surely an exhausting year for her. She decided she needed a break after 16 years.

Toady she held a garage sale and I picked up two of the costumes. They inspired immediate joy and dancing and I actually love this photo.

I have found a new studio for both girls and very excited about it….more on that another time.

For our days are filled with wonder
Nothing should ever stay the same
Let our hearts beat the rhythm
May love show us the way


  1. AAAAAAA I can't handle the cuteness! What an iconic floaty photo, love the costumes. Stick 'em in a garden and they'll look like fairies! I'm sorry the dance studio closed, that's a bummer. Can't wait to hear about the new one! Makes me want to get back to tapping, so hard with the pandemic just NEVER ENDING. Great poem, too. Thank you for sharing a happiness!

    1. Thanks! Dance is such a big part of our lives; I wouldn’t have it any other way…

      I’m still hopeful for less Covid related disruptions this coming year, but who knows….or something else disruptive might emerge. Mostly I am grateful for every day and week, but I need to make plans to look forward to as well. Both AJ and I did some studio lessons last year; and the studios were extremely careful. But this varies region to region depending on the rules and the culture….

      I’m not quite ready to think of “back to school” yet, but I’ll try to be back with a “hopes and dreams” post in a week or two. ;-)