Monday 27 March 2023


I have been thinking about ways to respond to the books I have been reading, and other things I’m learning, in a way other than writing. I decided I needed a sketchbook.

Instead of adding to our already rather chaotic collection of art supplies, I went digging in the box today to see what I could find. I found a Trolls themed watercolouring book that AJ had barely used. Add some scrapbooking paper, lace, a hot glue gun and the strategic procrastination of more practical matters, and voila:

My own upcycled sketchbook!

All I did was turn it upside down to be able to access the blank pages. 

I never much liked Trolls, but Branch would be my favourite character of them all. (Thanks to the fact I ditched most social media more than two years ago, I will not be learning to embrace my inner troll.)

Let the spring break creativity begin!