Monday 18 December 2023

November/December redux

 Oof, here we are, winding down 2023.

I wanted November to be quiet. It mostly was. We all got sick with a nasty respiratory something mid-month. Other than that....

We have been very busy with activities, especially dancing. I waxed nostalgic today about my childhood memories; you can read that here.  Sometimes I get the urge to record things before they have slipped out of my consciousness and other people's, and my memories of my first ballet teacher feel like they are right on the edge of such a loss.  "Madame" has her place in history, but it feels like it won't outlast the people with living memories of her. Also that is why this will be a short entry. I feel like I have to write something before the end of 2023 but I already used up most of the creative energy.

December has been pretty simple, and should continue that way. The girls had their school Christmas concerts last week. Very cute. I did not video record them; I just watched and enjoyed the moment. We had a short visit from USA - mother-in-law this past weekend. Next weekend we are going to see The Nutcracker with our friends. I am looking forward to that. Other than that, no plans other than Christmas Day dinner with family, and whatever happens on my birthday the day after.

I think all the Christmas presents are bought. The cards are written, but have yet to be put into the post. Sometime this week. But apparently nobody else is any quicker than me, because we have only received two cards. Oh well. I am sending them anyway. I've sent Christmas cards for at least 20 years. Even though it's a lot of work, choosing not to send cards would involve making a decision and that feels like more work. 

No travel. I am grateful for opportunities to travel, but also grateful to....not. 

I am trying very hard to slow down this month and not pack every day with as many things as I can do until it bulges. Less bulgy days! I think I'm succeeding.

Some things are worth doing. I have a fitness membership (somewhat underused lately) and I had a birthday coupon this month. I invited a friend I don't see too often to come do something with me. She chose meditation. We did that last Friday. Sometimes I do something with/for a friend and it feels like I've really made a difference to them. It's a glorious warm feeling, plus the meditation was very well-timed.

We are missing the girls' last dance class because AJ has caught a minor (I hope) gastrointestinal something. But luckily I had my crocheted gift projects for the teachers done last week, so it doesn't matter much. Also, I wish kids' activities would end at the beginning of December. There's just so many other things to do; it would be nice if we had one less place to go on weeknights, and didn't have to worry about (not) practicing piano. My stepdance teacher (who teaches only adults) ended classes at the end of November. Brilliant. I love stepdancing but you know what, it's just nice to do less in December.

Oh well. It's not up to me and we made the choice for the kids to be involved in lots of stuff. It's still a good choice.

So far, this December is a helluva lot better than last year, which completely went off the rails. I don't even want to talk about it: writing out all the things that went wrong would give them too much energy, and I refuse to do that. But suffice it to say I have really good motivation to focus on health and mindfulness this year.

Crochet happiness:

One of the keychain shoes I made for the girls' and my dance teachers (unfortunately only photographed one of the them) This pattern is my own invention, and it's very easy once I figure out how to understand my own written instructions.

My interest this year is amigurumi

My ambitious project: a Ukrainian doll that will be a donation to January's silent auction (if it turns out: so far so good)

Next, I plan on making two ballerina bears for AJ and Dani, which are a somewhat simpler pattern, but still really cute.

My "going to bed" project, for myself: easy, comfortable and repetitive. Dark green triangular shawl.

Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year.