Wednesday 16 January 2013

Referral to clinic

Today I had a brief appointment with Dr. Gnomish where we discussed a referral to the fertility clinic. Actually, he already knew what had to be done and had all the information for the referral, but he needed my permission obviously, as the referral is always made in the woman's name. The discussion was mostly general (he's not allowed to discuss Mr. Turtle's diagnosis with me, although obviously I know what it is.) He mentioned that there are three basic causes of infertility: female factor, male factor, and incompatibility (both partners are OK but for some reason can't reproduce with each other.) We did go over the results of some basic tests I had last summer. He confirmed that everything (thyroid, blood, hormones) were normal for a fertile woman.  So hopefully we are only dealing with male-factor IF. We shall see, I  guess.

Dr. Gnomish did not discuss IVF or specific treatments with me, just saying that it was up to the doctors at the fertility clinic to look at those options with us. It's also up to them if I will have any further testing.

Since the clinic takes up to 6 months to follow up on a referral, it doesn't look like anything noteworthy is going to happen anytime soon. In my ideal world I would have an IVF cycle during summer break, so I don't have to worry about work while going through it.  Seems highly unlikely that that will be the case, however. I guess we'll just keep learning about fertility, mentally and emotionally processing things, and of course saving up. I should find plenty to blog about in those areas, even if I don't have treatments updates yet.

Catch up later, The Turtle.

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