Wednesday 8 May 2013

This was not a Freudian slip AT ALL.

I just realized I bought a diaper bag at Winners.

I swear I just wanted a big purse. I went to the toy section because I am trying to find tiny plastic farm animals to use in my student's salt dough modeling projects. (No luck yet. All they sell is tiny killer robots and stuff like that.) While there I noticed these awesome bags for $20. They were stylish and a great size for spring because I walk and use transit during the week, and this time of year I need a big enough bag to stuff my sweater or raincoat in if it gets warm. It's a pain to have to carry a purse and then figure out how to drape a jacket or sweater over it. But a backpack makes my back sweat. I also thought: How clever of the manager to put such pretty purses in the toy section. Mom will come in shopping for her kids and decide to get a pretty bag for herself.

 Came home and started taking out all the paper and stuff they put in it and thought: That's weird, why is it lined in plastic and has this funny plastic pad in it?  And then OMG I bought a damn diaper bag. Sure enough  when I actually looked at the tags  there were pictures of mom and baby and all that!!

But nobody has to know, right?

I'll know but I think I'll just have a little giggle about it whenever I take it to work. It is the nicest bag.

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  1. I love that you accidentally bought this! One day you can tell Ember the story :)