Sunday, 12 May 2013

I would just like to say

I can be extremely good at getting myself (and others) organized.

I can put out wildfires before they begin, and after they have begun if that's how it goes.

I adapt well to whatever adversity typically comes my way, though I haven't seen the worst kinds of adversity.

I work hard.

I know how to enjoy life.

But these days,  for every day I have one or more the above, I have a day when I'm just. too. tired. to move.   (Although often I still make myself).

May 9th appointment redux and thoughts coming soon. Along with some other random stuff. Meanwhile, life happens. For which I am lucky.

Happy Mother's Day, inclusive of all the people who have complicated feelings about Mother's Day.

We shared a beautiful day yesterday with my mom and dad, playing and listening to music in the park, and then going to a Big Band Dinner Dance.

Today will be sharing the evening with one of the other Mothers in the family.

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