Sunday, 19 May 2013

Calendar is filling up....

.....with fertility related appointments, of course. And there's other fun stuff in there like graduations and weddings and dinner dances and music in the park.

I went for the first Day 2 blood draw today. I learned that you should drink water before a blood draw, or they have trouble finding a vein. Nevertheless, I felt quite clever that I was able to get to one of only two labs open on a Sunday in the city, at 7:07am. I was the 27th drop -in patient at 7:07. (Obviously it's hard to make an appointment for Day 2 bloodwork because you would have to be totally sure when Day 2 is going to be. Even though my guess turned out to be correct, I wasn't sure enough of myself to make an  appointment berforehand. So I had to play the drop in game.) But, I was done within an hour, so not a bad deal at all. And since I  had nothing better to do this morning, really, it was good timing. I came prepared with Margaret George's The  Autobiography of Henry VIII, and a snack (but next time I'll remember water).

(UPDATE: Dr. Cotter wants me to repeat my first Day 2 test - this time with fasting. At first I thought it was because I didn't fast the first time - i.e. I did the test wrong. A phone call however clarified the following: No, I did the test right, but the estradiol levels were high - so she wants another test to compare it too. Okie dokie. Of course I googled high estradiol levels and am trying not to freak out over what this all might mean.

When it comes to reproduction, I so desperately want to be boring and normal. Boring and normal is  not usually something I wish for myself, but in this case....I've been hanging onto the hope that I have no  issues, that all we will be working to overcome is Mr. Turtle's issues. Oh well, no point worrying - right? - it won't do any good.)

I have an ultrasound for May 27th, and the hysterosalpinogram on the 29th. I wasn't expecting to fit the hysterosalpinogram in this cycle, because I'm out of town from CD 6-9, but lo and  behold, they got me in on CD 12.  I'm starting to worry a little over the time I need to take off work, although I'm telling myself firmly that yes, my appointments are important, and besides, it's going to get crazier so get used to it and stop guilt-tripping.  The Great Ship Fertility Intervention has sailed. We don't know where she will end up: perhaps she will have a pleasant cruise with only a few mild storms. Perhaps she will hit an iceberg. Perhaps there will be a mutiny. Perhaps she will dock at Atlantis. Perhaps she will just get hopelessly lost. However, she's not going back into port. Not yet anyway. Everyone get your sea legs on.

 However, when telling my colleagues and department head about yet another half day absence, I finally added that I am having reproductive system tests done, and while I'm trying to minimize the impact, I really can't control the scheduling of some  of them.  Mainly I didn't want them to worry that I have some serious disease (which I'm assuming I don't). I hope that's OK.

Now I would like a nap.

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