Sunday, 27 January 2013

IF and relationships podcast

One of the first blogs I started reading was CGD's Adventures in Infertility (and Divorce) Land.  She tells an absolutely gripping story about struggling with IF and how it changed her life journey.  Her story is a great study of people and what they are like. And it's the story of one woman's resiliency, and that is a story worth sharing.

CGD participated into a podcast about infertility and divorce and  posted the link to her site: Episode 18 (Infertility and Divorce)  Actually, it should be called "Infertility and Relationships" because the focus is on how IF affects relationships and what couples can do about the challenge, not only about divorce.

Thanks in part of CGD and the ladies, here's a list of things to discuss with Mr. Turtle before beginning any treatments:

1) If treatments are Plan A, then what's Plan B and C and....
2) Couples counselling before treatments
3) Keeping up with "dating" and activities together
4) listen to the podcast?

...later (or sooner)... the Turtle

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