Tuesday, 20 September 2022


Well, it’s been an…interesting…school year so far. Not terrible, but with unique challenges due to changes in my work team.

I relate to this statement because it is something I’m trying to do, not because I’m really good at it yet. I tend, I think, to be very accommodating and collaborative, except when I’m pushed to my limit then I become quite abrupt. I need to practice graceful ways of saying No, I think.


  1. Oh no, that sounds exhausting. Sometimes the toughest part of special education is other adults. Where did you get that card? Love it! I wish you peace and boundaries for the year, I'm sure you'll find a groove.

    1. Yep, it's not a good situation. I have support personally and I'm hopeful some organizational changes will make the overall situation better, but big, big stress for me and others in the meantime. The card is from a page-a-day calendar Mr. Turtle got me. I ask for one every year. I actually don't like this one that much but some of the pages are good.