Sunday, 22 May 2022


Life has been a lot lately, for many reasons. But this past weekend (and there’s a whole day of it left, yay) has been a much needed catharsis and rest.

Mr Turtle and I spent a couple of nights at a higher elevation, at a cabin in the mountains! Silence, trees, birdsong (still a bit of snow, too).

We elevated our minds and hearts and connection with great conversation that was helped by the time away and beautiful surroundings. I also really enjoyed the restaurant at the resort. Because of stress and anxiety I don’t think I’ve appreciated food for a month at least. So it was amazing to just sit in a peaceful place and taste and fully experience a delicious meal. It helped me feel human again.

Before we left town, however, we shared another very special event with our children and extended family:

AJ and Dani and me after their year-end dance show. All their hard work and passion was displayed in a fun and moving performance that showcased all the studio dancers. 

Then - the girls went home with their grandparents and Mr Turtle and I drove off into the sunset for our weekend haha! So fun. Of course everything was planned down to the last detail but it still felt spontaneous to just leave town after the show, still feeling the natural high of joy and accomplishment.

I have been having some trouble sleeping lately and find myself listening to a lot of fake nature sounds (or maybe not fake but from faraway places). So when I was present in real nature I made a point of listening and experiencing all the sounds. I particularly liked this brook on one of the trails we hiked. It was busy chattering away about the coming of spring and the melting snow.


  1. This is so beautiful and peaceful! Love the sound of a running brook. We fall asleep to the sound of a gentle rain shower ourselves. :) I'm glad you got away and a respite of sorts from the stress. It seems everything is terrible lately, but nature is such a healing force! Beautiful photos.

    1. Thank you so much! Yes, I feel like I am balancing on the "thin edge of the wedge" these days. I feel lucky that enough good things keep popping into my life that I can just keep going another day, another week. So far....

      Being in nature really helps to restore that feeling of sanity. Sending good thoughts back to you!