Sunday, 30 January 2022

Turning 4

I remembered today I had written this entry about AJ the evening before she turned 4. So I took a couple of photos of Dani the day before she turns 4.

Four years ago? I was already asleep, but awoke at midnight to my waters breaking. A swift and straightforward labour followed (despite having a breech baby) and Dani arrived at 4:29 in the morning. There was a huge full moon in the sky.

Dani’s favourite food is still noodles, which we tend to  call by her baby word, noo-noos. Favourite movies are Chicken Run and The Croods 2. She likes the Frozen characters too. We don’t watch TV shows much but both kids like Battlebots (as do their parents).

Dani is bubbly and social and has a talent for comic timing. She is full of observations, some of which only make sense from her own perspective of the universe but which are always entertaining.

Dani takes Ukrainian dance along with her sister and enjoys it a lot, and will hopefully have her first performance in March. She goes to daycare and enjoys being with her friends, and is very good at keeping track of all her stuff: nothing is ever lost. She has learned or inherited my utter intolerance of any dirt on her clothes (sigh). She would also have made a very good 19th century lady as she likes to layer clothes on top of each other.

AJ and Dani alternate between being best of friends and quarrelling, but very obviously love each other. And they light up the house with love, and turn it upside down.

Tea party!

January is not my favourite month of the year, as I’ve noted many times, but the 31st is definitely the best day in it.

Happy birthday big girl!

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