Sunday 2 January 2022

Painting in the New Year

Last year each person in our family made a painting that represented (perhaps) one’s state of mind or mood going into the new year, or maybe just in that moment: see here

We enjoyed it so much we decided to try to make it a tradition and do that same thing New Year’s Eve/Day.

Behold then, the Turtles’ artistic responses to 2021.

AJ: Magical Dreams of the Butterflies

Dani: Polka Dot Shape

Mr Turtle: You Hung It The Wrong Way

Turtle: Still Life With Crumbs of Joy

Mine was way harder than I thought it would be: I had this plan in my head that seemed simple, but that I soon realized had waaaaay too much detail when I actually started. There were so many objects and it was so difficult to figure out what should be painted in what order. 

However, I still enjoyed getting into the process and engaging with the creation in front of me on its own terms. Part of the reason I like doing something hands on like this is it reminds me that reality is not in fact all in my mind. I might have a thought, but I’m not only interacting with my own thoughts, I’m interacting with creation itself, and the painting inevitably takes on its own character apart from what I had imagined. I have to adjust my approach and vision as I work through it. It’s much the same as raising kids, actually….

AJ did the final step for me: the crumbs under the table. I love those big joyous crumbs. They are going to remind me to seize happiness where I find it this year. 

Onward to a 2022 as happy and hopeful as we can make it!


  1. Happy new year! Holy crow, you are good! And then big bubbly crumbs of joy are delightful. And Mr Turtle's title cracked me up! What a lovely tradition!

    1. Thanks! Painting is very meditative. With the kids involved (as of course they will be) it’s also messy and a operation, so we don’t do it as often as we could, but it’s something I enjoy, just therapeutically (though I like the results too.)