Tuesday 28 December 2021

Send off to 2021

The snow is falling gently outside on a frigid December day. Lego all over the floor. Presents all opened (apart from the ones mailed by family members who cancelled their travel plans, and some I had wrapped for them.) AJ is reading to Dani by the window. I have things I would like to do this week but no great sense of urgency, which means I’ve actually relaxed.

I don’t really feel like doing a reflection on 2021. I sorta did that on my other blog. Alongside my contentment is the unease that is inevitable because of the weird times we live in. But deeper, and stronger, is the resolve to live with integrity, to open myself up to grace and transformation.

Also, from the book I am currently reading.

The adventure continues.


  1. Merry Christmas and happy New Year! "there is crap in every person" -- yup. I was expecting something very highbrow, you surprised me! :)

    What a beautiful holiday scene in your top photo. Wishing you so much peace and easing of the anxiety that is just the times we live in now. Have a wonderful turning of the year to 2022, my friend!

  2. Thank you! I wish the same for you. The future is uncertain, but each day has new potential! Maybe one can even have a great week or month, with some luck.

    The quote resonated with me because of my own moral, or existential, struggle this past year, whatever you want to call it. It was mostly quiet and private but extremely real nonetheless. Is that "highbrow?" I don't know...being highbrow is not a protection from struggle, I know that anyway. A year out I feel at least somewhat strengthened. Some things must be lived; you cannot argue yourself in or out of them.

    I suppose you could substitute the word "despair" or "resentment" or "anxiety" or "anger" or even "sin" or "evil" for "crap" in the quote and the basic meaning would remain. But I like the physical nature of the word "crap." :-)

  3. Lovely photo of your girls. :) "The adventure continues." Indeed!