Saturday 26 June 2021

2020 to 2021: Family perspective


AJ completed Grade 1 this past week (!!!) and according to her and anyone else whose opinion matters, she had a great year. Dani turned 3 in January and was in preschool/daycare full time. She also made friends and became increasingly chatty and imaginative. She knows the letter D and thinks all D-words are her name.

AJ made great leaps in her reading and writing this year, and after reading her Writing Workshop compositions this week, I thought  it would be fun to include a few of them to create a story about her school year.

I like to look at the snow. Look at the snow it is so pretty.

Chinook adventures

I like carving a pumpkin

Halloween 2020

I like to bake cookies. Because they are yummy.

Peanut Butter Cookies

I like to open presents. With my sister.

Christmas 2020

The unicorns are looking at the stars. And the rainbow. And the moon. They like looking in the night.
AJ and rainbow

The ladybug is walking on the sidewalk. She is looking at the sunset. She likes the sunset.

Road trip sunset

I like to ride my scooter. My sister likes to ride her bike. My mom came too. We were at the park. I feel calm. I love my sister. Me and my sister race each other. First we went on the playground. We like to play on the swings. Then we went walking.

Dani - 3 years old

AJ - 6 years old

I am learning a fun one. I go to music class.

Then finally, there are creative works such as this:

All leviathans are different. This leviathan has tentacles and horns and wings. It has 4 wings. It breathes death fire. It eats ships and islands and mountains. Death fire is not ordinary fire. It is also poisonous and dangerous. It will burn you up and turn you into toast cover you in jam and somebody will eat you and die.

And on that note, have a fantastic summer!

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