Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Dani at one (plus)

All about Dani at one (well almost 14 months now)

Words: kitt-eeeee! Refers to cats but also any fuzzy object or anything she likes, really. “Mee-yow!” Because mom is silly and meows at her. Dani will also say “kitty” if I say “meow.” Tried to get her to say “puppy” instead of kitty when we saw a dog outside, and she did. She sounded like a minion.

“Mummy” and “Daddy” more consistently. She tries to say her sister’s name too: “Ah-wes”.  She will also say 2-3 syllables in imitation of her own name and it's getting clearer and clearer.

Dani has loved saying “hi” for quite a while and has now added “Bye.”  Sometimes  “ball”. She imitates noises like “swoosh-swoosh”.

Other ways to communicate: “yodel-odle-odle-oh” seems to indicate approval of something and / or “give me more” (e.g. at dinner). Extremely abrasive screech: give me more NOW! Or “pay attention to me NOW.”
She will shove or scratch like a mad cat if she doesn’t like what someone is doing (but is mostly good natured).

Walking while holding one hand...she totally can walk on her own but won't make up her mind to just go for it yet.

Insanely contagious and hilarious giggles.

We had Dani's birthday party back in February. We put it off twice due to the family being sick. It happened eventually. I'm late with updates because....well second child; I didn't take any photos myself, and uh, second child.

Cake time!
On her actual first birthday. Going out for ice cream

I probably won't be updating the blog much anymore. The focus of my emotional and intellectual energy, and my online activities and interests, has moved elsewhere. But this seems like a nice way to round out my record of the last 6 years. Perhaps I'll drop by occasionally with memories and observations.

Thank you everyone who reads and may cruise by in the future. Dreams do come true. I hope yours do too, even if the dream evolves along the way.


  1. Happy birthday, Dani! Ah, she is in what my best friend calls "the velociraptor stage" -- that screech is something else! :) Adorable.

    And I love your last paragraph, and the word "evolves." I will miss reading your posts but will keep an eye out for you!

    1. Thanks! I will probably post again about something, especially as life changes; I'm just not in the habit anymore. I still read some blogs though, including yours!

  2. Dani is just the cutest baby ever. I can’t believe she is one already, didn’t you just have her?!?!
    Your voice is so unique and important, and it will be missed. Your blog will always be in my reader, though, just in case.

    1. Oh thank you! that means a lot. I'm honoured that you stop by and enjoy it. I am sorry that you have been struggling. I do read and I was going to post on your recent entry but then it disappeared. I'll check back. In the meantime if you see this you can send me an email at torthuil@gmail.com. If you send me your mailing address I'll mail you something one of these days. Hugs!

  3. Aw, cute pictures! Mini is similar with the walking. She can walk by herself but prefers to hold our hand. That's amazing that she is already saying so many words!

    1. Thank you! I love the words! the screeches are a bit harder to take. How crazy that our babies are so big!