Saturday, 7 July 2018

5 going on 6 months

Hey, I was doing well there with regular blogging for a while! Then summer happened apparently.

It’s kind of amusing to write these baby updates as they parallel AJ’s so closely. I could practically copy AJ’s except that Dani is meeting her physical milestones about a month sooner.

Dani was 5 months old at the end of June.

  • Sitting and “standing” with support
  • Rolling rolling rolling...from back to tummy. Not from tummy to back yet, so she often gets frustrated. She rolls, squawks about it, we roll her back; anywhere from 20 seconds to two minutes later she’s rolled again. Aaaaaand repeat.
  • Laughs, at mom and dad but especially at big sister
  • Likes mobiles, and immediately perks up when I play them on her mat or crib
  • Still likes the mechanical swing. And it gives me a break when she’s rolled and cried for the 100th time
  • No visual evidence of teeth yet....but tons of drool, and sometimes a pricking sensation on my breast
  • We started solids a bit earlier this time because she was showing interest. Dani was very excited to try avocado mixed with breast milk.

  • Going to move to crib...any day now
  • Squeals loudly for attention and to be part of group. Loves giggling and interacting with her sister
  • Generally social and likes attention
  • At vaccine appt, 14lbs l oz
  • Wearing 6-9 month clothing
  • Still likes baths
  • Usually good sleeper, sometimes early wakes
  • Curious about movies
  • Sucks thumb and everything else including toes
  • First family vacation went well. We did a road trip to see Mr Turtle’s convocation ceremony and then spent a few days in the city where he grew up. Nothing overly ambitious but we enjoyed ourselves and family outings to malls, zoo, parks, historical parks etc. 
We are enjoying the summer a lot. Activities include:
  • Fairly frequent play dates with community playgroup and a family or two that I am friends with. A happy synchronicity happened with my fellow infertile friend from AJ’s daycare, in that we had babies within a few months of each other. So both being on mat leave now we can do things together
  • AJ is taking swim lessons and doing great 
  • I completed my stroller -cize class and planning to take again. Also doing some drop in ballet barre classses. Hoping to shake a few pounds off my belly and hips and thighs and improve fitness. I figure I should get as fit as I can before 40 as I imagine it becomes a war of attrition at some point after that
  • Family outings to zoo, playgrounds, kid themed areas etc
  • Quite a bit of time with grandparents life is good. I have started a new reading blog, and I’ll link to it in a bit. The first book I picked is super tough (Gulag Archipelago) and I’m blogging about every chapter. But I’m enjoying the challenge to write about a different topic. I’m making myself get through at least 3 chapters before sharing it (although you can find the link by going to my blogger profile).  I want to know I can carry on under my own steam so if nobody actually reads it I don’t feel discouraged.

Enjoy the summer and this precious unique moment...happiness and joy to all...


  1. She’s growing so fast!! Glad all is well!!!

    1. I know. It feels like she is in such a hurry to grow up...maybe it’s because she has the older sibling. It’s so delightful though. Mostly. 😁

  2. Love the update and so happy to hear you are having a fun summer.

  3. Love the photo of her in the Bumbo seat -so sassy!

    1. Thanks! Sometimes she’s in a great mood for photos and then I try to get a few good ones. It’s all about watch and wait!

  4. Dani is sooo precious, that first picture-those big, dark eyes-just stunning. And she looks like she has long legs!! (I’m so jealous! Hahaha)

    Too funny how she rolls over and then complains about it...I know it’s probably not funny after the 1000th time but it’s still adorable! Love all the summer fun! So glad AJ is doing swimming lessons and likes it! We started lessons in February and it’s amazing how well he is already swimming!
    And I am very interested in this reading blog you have started! Please donlink when you are ready!

    1. Great news about swimming lessons. We’re just starting. Thanks for the nice comments and yes I’ll share the blog!

  5. Lovely update- cute pictures! I hadn't thought about mixing avocado with some breast milk but that's a good idea. We'll be starting solids in a few weeks and excited to see how that goes. We have a mechanical swing too. We often put her into it while we are eating meals and she'll happy enough there for awhile usually until she wants to be picked up again!

    1. Mixing with breast milk was something I learned when I did all kinds of research before starting AJ on solids. This time we are just winging it. The public health nurse basically said no rules (except no honey) and give them proteins like meat as soon as possible. I don’t bother with baby cereals. I know of no reason to use those apart from marketing.

  6. That HAT! I love it! She is so adorable, and I feel like you can see that social, joyful personality in the pictures!

    1. I know, it’s an awesome hat. Totally suits her. Dani is so eager to join in what’s going on around her.