Wednesday 28 February 2018

Dani 1 month

Well here we month after Dani’s birth. February just flew by. One more day and I can start dreaming of spring. It feels like a vain dream at present because the earth has vanished under the masses of snow we got this winter. But the days are getting longer....the days of rebirth and renewal are coming; the days of hibernation will be a thing of the past. Yeah maybe. March and April are two of our heaviest snow months. 

By 3 weeks, Dani had outgrown newborn diapers and her teensy newborn clothes. She has long legs so needs the extra room of 0-3 sizes to accommodate. Wearing size 1 diapers. 

Dani is starting to do more cute baby things like little coos and vowel sounds. She also has the best snarl of rage when she is not happy. (She’s had that since birth).  She clings to me when she is carried. I have tried the carrier (mei tai) a couple of times: the first time she was not impressed and the second time she slept. So that’s a success overall? It will be so freeing, especially as the weather warms up, to not always haul around  the car seat or stroller. 

Perhaps because of her cold, Dani had  major spit ups at around 3 weeks.  I started bringing an extra top for myself wherever I went. We also go through a lot of receiving blankets. The laundry accumulates fast....same amount in 2 days we used to get in a week. The spit up doesn’t seem to bother her and she poops and pees a lot so I’m not worried: I just have to remember to take the extra time to burp her.

Great head and neck control: hoping I don’t have to worry about flat spots for this reason, as she turns her head herself when sleeping.

We went to a concert with Dani on the 23rd. The band was Altan from Ireland. I have wanted to see them for years and they have never come to my city in my memory, so crazy as it might be I decided to get tickets (this was months ago). It went ok. We only stayed for the first half (till about 9) because Dani did seem a bit stressed by the loudness of it and I didn’t want to push things.  I was also admittedly not that into it as I was preoccupied with the baby. 

However, I’m glad we made the effort.  It’s still very easy (for me) to not do anything outside the house with a baby around. When I force myself to make plans though, I remember I can still be the (usually) organized and efficient person I am in another life (though gosh I love not being scheduled to death. I think I’ve only said that 10 times on here. It’s still true!)

AJ is enamoured of her baby sister. She likes to kiss her (that is how she will try to comfort her if she cries) and shows her books and toys and tell her stories. Probably the most adorable thing is that she uses a special voice to talk to Dani. We all do, of course, but I notice it most with AJ. I’m starting to see the beginnings of interaction. Dani certainly pays attention to AJ: she turns toward her voice and will look at her for up to several minutes when she’s talking. I’m trying to catch some of these interactions on video.

The sibling interaction is the big exciting unknown in the picture. Well obviously, the future is always unknown but with the second daughter it does feel like we can anticipate better what is going to happen. So far there is nothing radically different from our first experience with an infant. It’s also both more poignant and exciting because we know how fast babies change. Mr. Turtle and I definitely have the feeling that we must “take it all in.” (Did I mention how bloody fast this first month went?) At the same time it’s rather awesome to look at Dani and AJ side by side and realize that this baby is going to be an amazing little girl. It’s like having a present that you unwrap a little bit more each day.


I feel pretty normal. Big appetite, but I figure that goes along with breastfeeding. I haven’t been particularly physically active other than the exercise of schlepping around a baby and her kit, and sometimes her sister (thank goodness AJ is old enough to get places on her own steam). I look forward to increasing my activity: walking, mom yoga, whatever....although I’ll be more excited when this SNOW is reduced.

AJ is still in full time daycare, but when I figure out details of how long my leave will be, the plan is to put her in part time. The long term plan  is still to return to work, though the thought feels overwhelming at present. The thought of not going back to work is equally overwhelming. I guess that belongs in the “I can’t deal with it” category for now. But we will plan as if I will work after my leave. Anyway, at present Dani and I have a lot of chill time at home, though I miss her big sister. But we do a lot of snuggling and listening to podcasts.

Upcoming plans:

We have another concert date in mid March and we can’t take Dani to this one, so next week (I guess?) I’ll start pumping with the goal of teaching Dani to take a bottle when desired. I kind of wonder what we were thinking making these plans but whatever....I’ll assume it’s all going to work! Ooh, pumping, so sexy. Breastfeeding can be beautiful in an earth mother way but pumping is not....haha.

My MIL is coming mid March. Somewhere in her visit Mr Turtle’s uncle, who has a farm up north, has a birthday so I think a road trip is planned.  That all sounds fun in theory, and hopefully we will make many memories of a happy sort.

The blog was 5 years old in January. Seems like I should acknowledge that and reflect on where I am going with this documentation of my reproductive life. At present I have no idea except that I will keep writing.

Cheers to everyone!


  1. I can’t believe it’s already been one month!!! Holy wow time flew!
    She is so beautiful! And getting so big already!
    I hear ya in the pumping...nothing fun or sexy there at all! But also necessary. What kind of concert? That should be a fun night out! We have one coming up at the end of the month and it will be much needed! (Jimmy Buffett, in case you are familiar)
    What kind of leave do you get where you live? In the US even thought I work in a hospital, it’s still just the 6-8 weeks. (6 weeks vaginal, 8 for Csection). I agree that you can file returning to work away for another time!

    1. Thanks! I know, she’s gotten much bigger in a month. Not surprising with all she eats. The concert is Natalie Macmaster (Canadian fiddler) playing with our symphony orchestra. She is an amazing entertainer and a personal hero of sorts. A woman who really has it together. Release I get at least a year with employment insurance, and I’m asking for a bit longer (with no EI benefits). My union agreement should allow for that. I’m very lucky. I can’t imagine having only six or eight weeks leave with an infant. I feel bad for people in the US that’s brutal.

  2. Hi! Stopping by to ask...what is the blogging app you are using? I can’t figure out how to tell which ones are compatible with blogger. Thanks!!!

  3. BlogTouchPro on iPhone. It costs about $7 and works well. Only thing I don't like is I can't change the date on a post. So for example if I start a post today and work on it in draft form for a week, it will post with today's date not the day I actually finished it. But I can login in with safari and change the date, so not the biggest deal.

  4. Awww, Dani is so adorable! And I love that she and AJ are such good sisters already. I remember when a friend of mine had twins and I came to visit and she asked if I minded if she pumped while I was there, and I had incredible curiosity about what that actually meant, and she had this pumping bra thing and a double pump thingie, and it was probably one of the most horrifying things I've ever seen. I feel like nursing is so beautiful, and pumping is like what dairy farm cows must endure. Jeezum. Enjoy the concert, it sounds amazing and totally worth the indignities of pumping! :)

    1. Thanks! Yes, I’m looking forward to the next few weeks. The snow is even starting to melt. Those mechanical pumps are bizarre, though I’m glad if they work for people who need them! I use a hand pump as I only express for occasional use. It’s not so much like a dairy farm at least, but not at all dignified either.

  5. Dani is so beautiful. I love imagining the way your daughters are interacting with each other.

    1. Thank you! Yes so far it is very adorable. I’m sure later there will be drama!