Saturday 22 March 2014

9 weeks and San Diego

So. The Ember is 9 weeks, 1 day today. Yes, he/she has a name and has had for quite some time now, although this is the first time I've worked up the nerve to write it down, and yes I'm still mentally saying "hopefully" 9 weeks 1 day although I at least worked up the nerve to leave off the modifier once.

The nausea is under control and I am eating quite well now, although rather unpredictably. Fruit is great, cheese is great allthetime. I actually ate meat (bison stew) yesterday for dinner (gasp). Ordered an omelet for breakfast today though, and then went, ew, why did I do that? I don't care for eggs at the moment at all (though used to eat every day).  So. I think it's a good thing the nausea is reduced, and I don't even seem to need the medication as often, although of course sometimes (allthetime?) I wonder if less nausea means doom.

Fatigue. Even with less Diclectin, very tired. Especially after a more active day. And by active I mean I got up off the couch to go get a hair cut and have my nails done. The nails are a beautiful shade of sky blue. The hair is nice and short. No hair dye. Although it does hurt my vanity, (I went grey young) I decided to not have my hair coloured for at least the first trimester, or until whenever my level of confidence in my body and the Ember's growth and development is slightly improved (read: I stop believing everything I do or feel means doom).

Instead of hair colour, I ordered this from Etsy. It is so beautiful and comfortable, and even has an adjustable strap. Beautiful craftsmanship from Jahanna M. Yes, I therapy shop.

Boobs are, well, big and veiny. I always wonder if they're shrinking (doom) but then they knock into something and ow. Finally bought one bigger bra yesterday. Most of my bras are still OK because I only ever wear ones with very good support, but they are stretching a bit at the edges. I occasionally have really intense pain too - feels like they are on fire inside. Rather awful but I try to be reassured that the boobs are just preparing to be useful for the first time ever.\

Peeing a lot. I've only actually noticed this one recently. I pee frequently even when not pregnant so it had to become really frequent to make any impression. Leaning forward on the can actually does seem to help bladder to drain.

Crazy vivid dreams. Yes. Puts me in a weird mood some days (of course I'm pretty weird already.)

And...tomorrow we leave on family trip to San Diego. I had been feeling a bit ambiguous about this. Even though doctor said it was harmless to fly, and so did everything else I read, still. My mother didn't exactly help either. She had sent an email asking if I'd considered this-and-that before traveling (insurance coverage, access to health facilities, radiation during flying, answer yes yes yes and everything else I could possibly have learned via google). Then she wrote back saying: "I think the real reason I mentioned it was because I had my miscarriage at 10 weeks, and that's when you'll be in San Diego." Um thanks Mom I hope disclosing that made you feel better because it sure didn't help me. Saying "miscarriage" to me is like showing me pictures of house fires. It doesn't matter how fire-safe my house is, if you show me pictures of house fires I'm going to see them in my mind on endless repeat for days and days, especially when I wake up at night. Rational risk assessment has nothing to do with it.

Anyway. I am cautiously looking forward to San Diego. In rational risk-assessment mode, I don't honestly think another week of sitting around at home would be all that helpful. It's been a long, cold winter, as others have pointed out. (In my province it will still be wintry for another 3 weeks, at least.)  I'm packed (I did that slowly over the past week.) San Diego is a beautiful warm city and we have a direct flight there. I'm feeling well enough to enjoy myself, I think. I hope everything goes well. With luck, I'll be too busy enjoying the city to update much. The laptop is coming along though, so I'll probably check in with everyone a few times.


  1. Glad you are feeling so pregnant! That is a lot if symptoms! Have a great trip!

  2. Have a good trip! I've had some vivid pregnancy dreams too. Glad things are going well for Ember :)

  3. A name and decreased nausea! So glad things are getting better. Love the Etsy headband too. Hope you have a wonderful time in San Diego and the warm weather and sun gives you some nourishment.

  4. I'm glad the nausea is getting better. Enjoy the trip!

  5. Glad things are going well. :) Hopefully San Diego is as warm as the last time I was there. And hope that you get to see a lot more than I saw (since I was inside the conference center most of the time). Great headband, btw. :)