Saturday 15 June 2013

No more tests and bloodwork! (for now)

Today I showed up outside the locked door of Laboratory Services at 6:30am. I was 2nd in line. (First in line was a mom holding a spot for her 3 year old daughter. She arrived at 6am with a lawn chair, waiting an hour until dad showed up with the little girl at 7am when the doors opened.)  I waited half an hour sipping from my water bottle (but pacing it so that I didn't have go pee too bad before the lab opened) and reading The Best American Essays of 2012. (I've recently become a fan of the Best American Essays and I might start ordering back editions.)

When the doors opened, I got my appointment, offered up a vein in my left arm, and gave up some blood for Science. This test has something to do with the result of my first blood test (where I was a newbie and was 27th in line, didn't drink enough water, etc.) which showed high estradiol levels.

Anyway, what is significant about this appointment is that it is the Last of the bloodwork and tests requested by Dr. Cotter last month. My Fertility Binder has no more requisition forms in it! Of course, I know there will be plenty more for one reason or another and I will have many opportunities to utilize my new expertise on laboratories and giving blood and giving it up for Science. But still, in this long process of waiting, wondering, obsessing, and not really having insight into anything at all, I am going to celebrate The Last (for now) blood test as a sort of milestone.

Next week we go the  IVF information evening, and the Monday after that is the follow up appointment with Dr. Cotter to review all the test results. More blog entries will result.

In the meantime, I've done some Spring Cleaning on torthúil:

  • Under "Lifelines": Fertility Reading List is now posted: if you  have suggestions for it, please leave a comment! Also, summary of our TTC journey and diagnoses
  • New template! matches the rain we've been having ;-)


  1. Yay for no more bloodwork (for now) !! You are getting closer to the big event :) Sending you lots of good vibes :)

  2. Thanks Gypsy Mama! Love those good vibes!

  3. I know how annoying those tests can be, haha. Have you done the HSG yet? Good luck and I'm looking forward to your updates.

  4. Hi Ariel! thanks for dropping by. Yes, HSG was one of the tests. I was a bit nervous about it as I'd heard lots of different experiences. Luckily mine was very easy and the techs said that everything looked completely normal. So it's the one that I know the result of, at least unofficially.

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  6. You are so lucky! HSG was awful for me. I was grabbing my hair in pain. Maybe it's because of my blocked tube.

  7. Oh that's awful Ariel? Did they just keep pushing the dye in until they figured out the tube was blocked? I'm sorry it was such a painful experience. :-(