Wednesday 10 April 2013

Dr. Edwards

I ignore the news for the most part. Sometimes I try not to ignore it for a while. Then I go back to ignoring it (and reading the occasional essay/commentary. I handle essays and  commentaries much better than "news.").

But in the last week, Mel from Stirrup Queens has posted a couple of times about the media coverage of Dr. Robert G. Edward's death. (see here and here) Here is how Mel (re)wrote Dr. Edward's obit:

Robert G. Edwards, a British physiologist who won a Nobel Prize in 2010 for helping pioneer in vitro fertilization techniques that led to the birth of Louise Brown in 1978 and gave hope to both biologically and situationally infertile men and women around the world, died April 10 at his home near Cambridge, England. He was 87.
 Yes. Thanks for the hope.

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