Thursday, 7 February 2013

Kind of hating on my wonky cycle

So, day 38.
This is officially the longest cycle since I started counting. (Next longest was 33.)

It's making me a bit batty, and I'm carrying around some inner tension that is tiring me out.

On one hand - prego test on day 32 was Negative. So that means Not Pregnant. Right? Right?

But where is AF? How late is it possible for me to ovulate? How long can this luteal phase really be? (Like I can answer that.)

I started taking Ovacue vaginal readings again just to see if I could figure out what my hormones are doing. For the past week, my readings have been  over 300 except for one day. At least I've stopped wearing pads everywhere, because based on former cycles, AF would only come once readings dropped below 250.

Every time I drink a coffee or a coke, I feel uneasy because what if I'm somehow pregnant anyway and doing some kind of harm? On the other hand I won't NOT drink the coffee because dammitt, it's not that much coffee and the test was negative and I'm not supposed to be able to get pregnant and I don't need to go around fantasizing (much).

I've decided that if I  hit Day 40 and no AF, I'll test again.


The Turtle

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