Our favourite baby products

A list of some of our go-to baby products and brief reviews! Updated March 30 2015. (Sorry about the formatting; it is a pain in the butt to do pictures and text at once.)
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Mamas and Paps Baby Snug
We bought this when AJ started to sit with support. She didn't fit in a Bumbo (don't buy that or any baby chair without trying if your baby will fit in it.) So far it's working well and I like that the inner part can be removed when baby is older to make it a bigger size. Tray is removable.

bumGenius Freetime All In One Cloth Diaper
BumGenius All in One diaper
We 18 of these and they are working out great! With a (so far) exclusively breastfed baby we have had almost no leaks (still use a disposable at night). We have a front loading washing machine and have to set it to use max amount of water to wash properly.

BabyHawk Mei Tai
Baby Hawk Mei Tai
It was a bit awkward to use till AJ turned 4 months, though I did use it occasionally from about 6 weeks. Now  I find it very comfortable and she usually likes it. Most awkward part is getting baby out as I tend to get all tangled in the long straps. It's getting easier with practice! It also took me a while to learn how to tie a reef knot (as opposed to granny knot) behind my back. Now I'm pretty good at it! (Granny knots tend to slip; also I grew up on sail boats and granny knots were are no-no.)

Art-Nouveau inspired tortoise lamp
I love turtles....did I ever mention that? This is currently the night light in our room. AJ loves to stare at it. One day it will be hers....if she doesn't smash it somehow.

Stork Craft Carrara 4 in 1 Fixed Side Convertible Crib - Cherry -  Storkcraft - Toys"R"Us

Stork Craft Carrara 4 in 1 crib
So most cribs look the same to me, and I'm not really sure what to say, but good looking piece of furniture anyway.
Stork Craft Universal Organizer/Change Table
I'm glad we got the version that has cubbies and not drawers - it's much easier to grab items.

cosmopolitan buggy in 3 different modes

Love this stroller - it is everything I hoped it would be. It converts easily from full recline to sitting, and the big wheels easily navigate gravel/snow/ice and whatever other obstacles. Both Mr. Turtle (over 6 feet tall) and myself can use it easily.

Halo Bassinest
Love it. Baby sleeps at eye level. I hope she can use it till 6 months at least because I don't want to retire it!


  1. We have a couple of the halo sleep sacks and they are nice but we have found the most helpful thing (at least in the newborn stage- I have 6 week old twins) for longer, peaceful sleep between feeds is the Miracle Blanket (http://www.miracleblanket.com/) which allows for a tight swaddle which they cannot maneuver out of- the sleep sacks they can get their arms back up in their face easily which wakes them up. The miracle blankets are more expensive than some of the other sleep sacks/blankets but worth the money for sure!! It is true that any of these products that make swaddling easier do help with breastfeeding especially in the beginning b/c their hands can't get in the way.

  2. My two cents...

    After trying my friend's baby bjorn I went with a stretchy wrap and am very happy with it, although it took a while to find a way of tying it that suited me. Though Mr D is much bigger than I am, it fits both of us. I can wear it in multiple ways, and can breastfeed in it. I use it every day and have had no muscle pain with the weight evenly distributed. We still haven't bought the stroller we planned to as there seems no need. The stretchy wrap is only good until they're about 9kg/20lb though so will either get a woven wrap or more structured carrier then.

    I found swaddling with a plain receiving blanket to be fine and swaddle with hands both in or out depending on the circumstances. I avoided the swaddle cocoon things as I read about research that suggests babies need their hands out for breastfeeding (although they *do* get in the way). I'll be transitioning to sleep sacks shortly and making my own out of sweatshirts or the no longer needed receiving blankets.

    1. thanks for the feedback on the carriers. Sounds like sometimes simpler can be better. Wish I could find a way to try both.

    2. Maybe you could get in contact with your local baby wearing group to try some?

    3. On that same note, baby hats and mittens can also interfere with breastfeeding newborns as they navigate by smell and touch. Once the breastfeeding relationship is well established it doesn't seem to matter as much.
      I bought a used ergobaby carrier and a moby wrap after trying both. Hope you find some you like!

  3. Baby oil - using it after having a bath and also baby oil is perfect as a makeup remover. Ann Royston

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