Friday, 26 April 2013

And the wheels on the bus go round and round

So, while enjoying (yes, really, to my surprise) my slack time, I was still looking forward every evening to checking my phone to see if The Fertility Clinic had left a  message for me. A fair bit of (very transitory) resentment has been directed  in  the past few weeks to anyone, especially telemarketers, who left messages on my phone that were not from  The Fertility Clinic.

Well, finally, I get a message. A surprisingly cryptic message.. Along these lines: 'Hello, this is the doctor's office calling regarding your referral...." No mention of the name of the doctor's office or what the referral  was about. Apart from the fact that I haven't had a referral for anything else recently, a comparison of the number left on my phone to the clinic website confirmed that this was, indeed, The Fertility Clinic.

I suppose they don't name themselves out of respect for confidentiality, but I was still surprised by the subtlety.   I don't have any squeamishness about going to The Fertility Clinic, about having messages from The Fertility Clinic, or anything. I  think. Call a spade a spade. This is our reality.

Anyway. Although nothing has actually happened yet, I am pleased that 1) the website said that they would call back within 3 months regarding the referral, and they did, and 2) I was able to reach them within 12 hours of getting the message. At least I get to start this process with some trust and confidence.

And it feels like events are in  motion. I haven't quite processed that yet. I can't quite believe that a plan might actually come together. When we first started TTC I had to adjust to the idea that I could (I thought, would) get pregnant and Life Would Change. Then  I had to get used to the idea that I wasn't, after all, going to get pregnant easily and life was staying the same, at least for a while. Not quite sure what to feel now.

Our appointment is May 9th.


  1. How exciting to be moving forward! I received the same cryptic message on my phone when I was still waiting to go to Calgary. In the end I ended up going to Cancun, but I think RFP looks great! I'm excited to read about your journey there, don't spare the details!

  2. Thanks Gypsy Mama! It is exciting to be moving toward getting the help and answers we need. I will definitely share lots of details.

  3. Congrats on the first step! The not knowing, the not having a plan, can be the most difficult. Just one foot in front of the other now... godspeed!

  4. Thanks Sarah! hoping for a happy ending somewhere at the end of this....wherever and whenever that is :-)